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Speed measurement with highest resolution and range – the new laser-based speed sensor from MANNER

MANNER offers the new laser sensor for convenient speed measurement with a detection range of up to 50 mm. The laser sensors from MANNER offer a high resolution with up to 0.4 mm pulse spacing and are therefore a comfortable solution with a high number of pulses/rotation for speed measurement. Due to the laser detection no gear rim is necessary anymore. The sole marking by laser or engraving is sufficient. In addition to cost advantages, this also offers the possibility of subsequent integration into existing systems without mechanical intervention.

This sensor is the ideal complement to the XtreMA torque transducers, which allow a large air gap of 10 mm. This enables not only torque but also speed to be measured over a large distance of > 10 mm – a clear advantage over magnetic speed measurement systems.

The system can also be integrated into the MANNER evaluation unit for torque measurement, or used as an add-on next to the antenna or individually without telemetry.

The supply voltage of the laser system is correspondingly flexible. The laser can be supplied from 6-30 volts. The output signal is TTL 0/5V or HTL 0V/supply voltage with pull up resistor. Alternatively, the supply can also be made via the evaluation unit for torque detection. For evaluation units with digital output, the speed information is integrated into the digital data stream.
The sensor is particularly compact with dimensions of 50 x 33 x 20 mm and easy to mount by means of corresponding screw holes in the housing.

Figure 1: The new laser sensor – compact in view

Figure 2: Laser sensor as Add On next to a pick-up for increased range >50mm

Figure 3 and 4: Miniature measuring shafts with compact evaluation unit and laser sensor

Figure 5: Tube evaluation unit with integrated stator antenna and speed laser detection