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Smart. Wireless. Connected Measurement.

Smart Interface with MANNER App

MANNER Smart Interface with MANNER App -
SMART, WIRELESS & connected Measurement

Viewing and reviewing sensor data, limited to the workplace, no longer meets the modern standard of connectivity.

Smart services such as the smartphone or tablet have become indispensable not only in the private sphere, but are also increasingly taking on a role in the working environment. MANNER now also presents this possibility for sensor telemetry.

The MANNER Smart Interface in combination with the MANNER App allows the user to check the measurement data, or also important other parameters such as the supply voltage, the temperature or the sensor check anywhere without a physical connection.

The Wi-Fi hotspot integrated in the evaluation unit allows the desired smart device – whether Android smartphone, Apple iPad or Apple iPhone – to be connected directly. Alternatively, of course, a network connection can be established.

The focus of the development was simple connectivity. For easy search or reconnection, the QR code of the desired measuring device can be scanned and the connection is established. Each measuring application can in turn be assigned a name so that it is possible to switch between several applications without swapping them.

The capabilities of the MANNER app are fully comprehensive. All configuration parameters of the sensor such as the measuring range setting, zero point or the general health data such as the voltage supply can be conveniently set and also saved for documentation. Especially for field applications, where antenna positions can still slip after mounting on the lifting platform and after spring deflection, a glance at the smartphone is enough to check the supply voltage again for successful measurement.

It is also now possible to easily change the measuring range during field tests. For example, in side-wave applications, the measuring range resolution can be adjusted based on the test scenario. Thus, your application can be realised for several measuring ranges with easy changeover!

While driving, the data can be viewed, analysed and visualised live in the oscilloscope of the app. These analyses can be recorded for later viewing.

The app is an innovative solution that makes everyday measurement with sensor telemetry more convenient.