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Telemetry measurement systems for highest requirements

Shipping Industry Applications

Application on Large Engines

Also on the high seas our MANNER measurement technology is at home. Whether torque applications on internal and external ship engines or efficiency and effectiveness analyses of cost-intensive drive elements – our premise is always simple assembly and maximum precision. In the world of large engines, this is an ambitious challenge that we face up to every day with great enthusiasm and above all with maximum success.

The components of the drive train of ships, such as gear and drive shafts, are increasingly being fitted with the measuring systems of MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH in order to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the cost-intensive systems.

An important field of application in shipping is MANNER piston telemetry, which has become an important tool for the development of pistons and for the verification of their strength. By evaluating the thermal and mechanical load within a piston, important conclusions can be drawn for the optimal design of the pistons. But MANNER does not only make a direct and significant contribution to modern and efficient shipping with regard to piston optimization.

The dynamic load analysis on the connecting rod is also close to the heart of our customers in the large engine sector. No wonder, considering the extent of the extreme tension-compression alternating loads exerted on a connecting rod of this magnitude. For many years MANNER has been providing its customers with professional support for force measurements at any connecting rod points and for temperature measurements in the various connecting rod bearings using non-contact measurement data transmission.

Piston Temperature

Online recording of the piston temperature

Piston telemetry from MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH has become an important tool for the development of pistons, for the verification of their strength and for the optimization of the lubrication process. The systems record the temperature values at important points on the piston online in several channels. Exact data regarding the temperature distribution can be obtained for various load scenarios. From this data, important conclusions can be drawn for the optimum design of the pistons or their operational stability.

The systems work with robust thermocouples that effortlessly withstand the increasing degree of vibration and are easy to install. The temperature-resistant electronics scan the measuring points with each piston stroke. The collected values are transmitted contactless and battery-free to a stationary evaluation unit.

Piston Load

Piston load

In addition to the thermal influences, it is also the mechanical stress that leads to increasing loads on the piston. The working pressure acts on the piston surface and is distributed over the entire component. Two-stroke pistons must also cover or open the inlet, outlet and overflow channels, i.e. they must control the gas exchange. In addition to the thermal effect, this entails an additional mechanical load.

In order to obtain an exact analysis of the mechanical load within the piston, MANNER has been optimizing sensor telemetry for this measuring task for many years. The distribution of the forces on the individual regions of the piston is particularly important. The proven advantages of MANNER sensor telemetry also apply here:

  • Precise determination of the effects of pressure and tensile force
  • highest accuracy of the recorded measurement data through precise sensor technology
  • highest data security through 16-bit coding and checksum code
  • contactless transmission of measurement data
  • easy to install due to compact design
  • no maintenance effort

Valve Temperature

Valve Temperature

MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH supports partners worldwide in the online recording of single or multi-channel valve temperatures on the engine. We are in constant contact with the corresponding competence teams, especially for large engines such as those used in shipping. Our systems work with robust thermocouples which effortlessly withstand the high accelerations and are easy to install.

The sensor telemetry amplifier from MANNER is integrated into the valve plate where it processes the data from the desired temperature measuring points. A stator antenna can be mounted at a generous distance, picks up the measured values without contact and transmits them to a stationary evaluation unit. It does not matter whether the valves rotate during operation. The digital coding with 16 bits guarantees highly reliable data security. A characteristic feature is that no continuous signal contact between the two antennas is required.

Connecting Rod Load

Dynamic load analysis on the ship’s connecting rod

Auch andere Komponenten des Antriebsstranges von Schiffen, wie beispielsweise Getriebewellen, werden zunehmend mit den Messsystemen der MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH versehen, um Wirkungsgrad und Effizienz der kostenintensiven Anlagen zu optimieren.

Profitieren auch Sie von unseren fortwährenden Aktivitäten zur Erforschung und Entwicklung neuster Messmethoden mittels der Nahfeld-Telemetrie. Dabei können Sie sich auf unsere langjährige Erfahrung bei Messapplikationen an Komponenten des Schiffsantriebes verlassen.

Connecting Rod Bearing Temperature

Connecting rod bearing temperature

The bearing at the connecting rod head or connecting rod eye is exposed to very high loads, especially in large engines. Combustion pressures and operating masses affect the plain bearings in the form of pressure and friction. The connecting rod bearings play a decisive role in reducing these loads, which is why adequate temperature measurement can often be necessary.

With the extremely high forces that occur at the connecting rod eye, temperature measurements in the bearing are useful and often indispensable from several points of view. MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH offers you solutions with non-contact measurement data transmission to provide you with optimum support in the following tasks:

  • Temperature monitoring of bearings under different load scenarios
  • Evaluation of thermal load limits
  • Optimization of materials
  • Optimization of coating materials and processes
  • Optimization of lubricants and lubrication processes

Application on the Drive Shaft

Our torque applications on internal or external marine engines are easy to mount and available in any size for the corresponding shaft. Depending on the type of marine propulsion system, we adapt our single or multi-channel sensor telemetry to the engine design.

Other components of the drive train of ships, such as gear shafts, are also increasingly being equipped with MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH measuring systems in order to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of cost-intensive systems.

You can also profit from our ongoing activities in the research and development of the latest measuring methods using near field telemetry. In doing so, you can rely on our many years of experience in measurement applications on ship propulsion components.

The ProductAssistant

In a few steps to the optimal measuring system. Our product experts configure the optimal system composition according to your requirements and will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.