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Remote. Analysis. Post-Processing.

Software for Measuring Engineers

The Telemetry Interface Application software by MANNER for MANNER products

MANNER offers its customers tailor-made software for their telemetry systems. This enables them to make the necessary settings themselves – conveniently via their PC.

The telemetry interface is a software which takes over the following tasks:

  • Remote setup of the rotor electronics
  • Programming the gain / sensitivity
  • Rotor-side zero-point drift compensation with Auto-Zero function
  • Temperature-dependent modulus of elasticity Compensation
  • Linearization of thermocouples
  • Compensation of cross-talk behavior of multi-component transducers (channel computer)
  • Sensor check by cal function
  • Measurement data Data storage

Data Analysis and Post-Processing with FlexPro

We also work together with the company Weisang. The FlexPro2019 program is a powerful analysis tool and is used in post-processing.