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Telemetry measurement systems for highest requirements

Applications for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is considered one of the leading export and innovation sectors in Germany. It is not surprising that measurement technology plays a particularly important role here. For several years we have been accompanying leading machine manufacturers on their way from the test field to series production. In this way, we support our customers worldwide in measuring torques, speeds, efficiencies, temperatures as well as compressive, tensile and bending forces.

The requirements of today’s machine designs are high, and this naturally also applies to their measurement applications. Not least because of the untiring commitment of our energetic and hard-working design team, which constantly strives for space-saving and maintenance-free assembly, we are able to meet the immense demands.

Our sensor telemetry applications are the optimal solution for the precise recording of the most versatile process data and the contactless and safe transmission of this data to the corresponding evaluation units. Whether for increasing the efficiency of a gearbox or for monitoring complete production facilities – MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH supplies the right sensor telemetry for every measuring task.

Drive Train

Drive Train

The optimum drive of today’s and future machine systems plays a significant role in the development, loading, maintenance and servicing of this wide range of equipment. Regardless of the drive technology, performance or equipment variants, sensor telemetry from MANNER supports customers worldwide in the detection of torques, speeds, efficiencies, temperatures as well as compression, tension and bending forces.

The requirements of today’s machine designs are high and require optimized drive systems in terms of robustness, versatility, load capacity, low maintenance and much more.

Record the most important characteristic values of your machine drive and thus increase its efficiency and effectiveness. Our sensor telemetry applications are the optimal solution for the precise recording of the most varied process data and the contactless and safe transfer of this data to the corresponding evaluation units. Our design team develops applications that guarantee low maintenance and space-saving installation.

Gearbox / Efficiency

Gearbox / Efficiency

Wherever power is transmitted, mechanical systems always generate friction. This is normally lost as heat and is referred to as loss. Use MANNER sensor telemetry to reduce losses and optimize the efficiency of your gearbox. Compare input and output power in order to accurately measure the efficiency of your gearbox configuration.

Our high-precision torque measurement on the corresponding input and output shafts provides reliable and exact data. The measurement results are transmitted to a special evaluation device or computer without contact and thus without mechanical influence. The miniaturized design saves you space and facilitates assembly.

Gearbox / Operational Stability

Gearbox / Operational Stability

Gearboxes in various shapes and sizes must meet the most diverse requirements and operating conditions. Performance and reliability must be increased as drive technologies continue to advance. Regardless of whether you are a gearbox manufacturer or a user, MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH offers the right sensor telemetry application for your specific measurement requirements.

By cooperating with MANNER, you can further improve your gear units in decisive parameters and better develop and exploit existing potential. As a specialist in sensor telemetric measurement we support you with our knowledge, experience, powerful developments and impressive service.

  • Torsional vibration measurement
  • Dynamic torques
  • Tooth root tension
  • Fatigue strength analysis
  • Highly dynamic load detection on gears and shafts
  • Temperatures

Load Monitoring / Load Limitation

Load Monitoring / Load Limitation

MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH offers miniaturized applications for monitoring and protecting automated production facilities to record a wide range of drive power. Thus, production operation can be stopped immediately and automatically if load limits of individual components are exceeded.

MANNER develops such early damage detection and damage prevention devices for a wide range of production plants in a variety of manufacturing processes. Evaluate the most accurate measurement data for critical components of your production operation and optimize your systems for service life, strength, efficiency and thus efficiency.

Benefit from the advantages of MANNER sensor telemetry:

  • Precise recording of torques, bending moments, temperatures, pressure and tensile forces at highest speeds
  • Contactless data transmission by means of inductive coupling
  • Simple evaluation of the measurement data via evaluation unit and specially programmed telemetry software from MANNER
  • High accuracy and security of digital measurement data
  • Direct digital transmission of measured values via network technology
  • High temperature stability
  • Miniaturized and low-weight design
  • Extremely low installation effort

Test Benches

In order to be able to examine the most diverse components in detail, independent of their normal field of application, exact performance test systems and/or test stands are required. MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH offers test stand manufacturers and users customer-specific measuring applications for the precise recording of torques, bending moments, speeds, temperatures, forces and power.

Extreme conditions must be created so that weak points can be determined in a shorter time. In order to create such exceptional conditions exactly and consistently, extraordinarily precise and robust measuring systems are usually required.

Take advantage of our expertise in individual measurement applications and contact us so that we can work out an optimal solution for your test bench measurement.

The ProductAssistant

In a few steps to the optimal measuring system. Our product experts configure the optimal system composition according to your requirements and will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.