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1 N·m – 500 kN·m

The Calibration Laboratory

DAkkS- calibrations, Factory and special calibrations

MANNER Sensortelemetrie has established a state-of-the-art calibration laboratory that offers a wide range of torque calibrations. The calibration laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and offers DAkkS calibrations according to DIN 51309 and factory calibrations based on DIN EN ISO 10012. This is the logical step in the expansion of the torque division.

From miniature transducers to 500 kN·m ship flanges, all customer requirements can be covered directly at the company headquarters. A crane runway with a load capacity of up to 4 tons enables professional and efficient handling of large transducers.

Due to increasing regulations for climate protection and the problem of the diesel gate, more and more accurate and traceable calibrations of measuring sensors are required.

This increasingly required calibration of measuring equipment affects all industries. In order to fully meet this demand, MANNER has included DAkkS accreditation in its portfolio.

In addition, the quality feature of reproducibility as well as the reduction of throughput times through automation could be achieved. MANNER also passes on this further development, which is reflected in the costs, to its customers. Feel free to ask for your transducer!

Throughput times for your calibration

Measured Variable
Throughput time
Acclimatisation time*
100 N·m – 5 kN·m
6 working days
+ 1 day
5 kN·m – 50 kN·m
8.5 working days
+ 1.5 days
50 kN·m – 500 kN·m
10 working days
+ 3 days
(*only for DAkkS calibrations)
Optional: 48h calibration service (with DAkkS plus acclimatization time)

The calibration systems

100 N·m system
Expanded uncertainty: 0.2 %

System for miniature transducers (e.g. spindles or turbochargers) with calibration ranges between 1 N·m and 100 N·m.

1 kN·m system
Expanded uncertainty:
0.04 % > 100 N·m

System for customer-specific transducers (e.g. pulleys or measuring sensors) with a calibration range of up to 1 kN·m.

5 kN·m system
Expanded uncertainty:
0.04 % > 500 N·m

Two systems for a wide range of applications: transducers, passenger car side shafts, transmission flanges or distributor shafts for aircraft landing flap systems. Due to the variable adjustment of the length, both short flanges and transducers with lengths of up to 3 m can be calibrated.

50 kN·m system
Expanded uncertainty:
0.04 % > 2 kN·m
0.2 % > 20 kN·m

Vertical calibration system, mainly for applications in the truck and heavy machinery industry. The generous installation space also allows calibrations of bulky special transducers.

500 kN·m system
Expanded uncertainty:
0.1 % > 20 kN·m

System for standard torque transducers and special transducers in the field of shipping, large gears or wind power plants. These transducers can be manufactured and/or calibrated at MANNER.

Calibration of force measuring elements

Every force gauge only delivers correct results if it is regularly checked, i.e. correctly calibrated and, if necessary, adjusted. Only with documented calibration a force gauge become a reliable measuring and testing device.

MANNER offers calibrations of force transducers based on DIN EN ISO 10012.

The test benches for force measurement and transducers are capable of calibrating tensile and compression loads from 0,1 N to 100 kN.