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customized product and series solutions

OEM & Series Production

As complex and specifically designed as industrial plants and production facilities are, MANNER manufactures the appropriate measuring applications for tough continuous use. In the field of oil-free gas and air compression as well as in the application field of extruder screws, precise measurements of torques, forces and temperatures are ensured by the non-contact measurement data transmission of our sensor telemetry applications. Long-term monitoring of extruder shafts is therefore child’s play, as is automated machine monitoring of thermal loads.

MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH offers miniaturised applications for the monitoring and protection of automated production systems for recording a wide range of drive powers. This means that production can be stopped automatically and trouble-free if the load limits of individual components are exceeded. Our company develops such early damage detection and damage prevention devices for a wide variety of Production plants of various industries and manufacturers.

In this form, MANNER’s easy-to-assemble measuring systems make a decisive contribution to optimising the service life, strength, efficiency and efficiency of production plants. As a leading specialist for non-contact and robust transmission technology, MANNER also offers its customers tailor-made OEM solutions.

Together with you we develop innovative and attractive solutions. We see ourselves as a partner who supports you throughout the entire process, from the idea through design to the technical implementation in your product.

The solutions can be produced in-house for you at the desired time and with the highest quality or passed on to you in the form of a license.

In this way, we already produce a wide variety of different edition sizes for national and international partner companies.

Selected OEM solutions

Helicopter (mast bending moment monitoring)

The main rotor of a helicopter provides both the lift of the aircraft and the direction of movement and is therefore a control element.

The loads introduced into the system lead to bending and torques of the helicopter mast. Since the mast has no redundancy, it is a critical component of the helicopter in terms of reliability.

For this reason, the moments acting on the mast are carefully monitored.

The dynamic bending moment of the mast of various helicopter models is monitored by a monitoring system developed by MANNER.

Transmissions (predictive maintenance, load collectives, process control)

To monitor and protect automated production equipment, MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH offers miniaturized applications for recording a wide range of drive powers. This means that production can be stopped immediately and automatically if the load limits of individual components are exceeded.

MANNER develops such early damage detection and damage prevention devices for a wide variety of manufacturing systems in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Evaluate the most accurate measurement data curves for critical components in your production plant and optimize your systems for service life, strength, efficiency and thus efficiency.

Benefit from the advantages of MANNER sensor telemetry:

  • Accurate recording of torques, bending moments, temperatures, compressive and tensile forces at maximum speeds
  • Non-contact data transmission by means of inductive coupling
  • Easy utilisation of the measurement data via evaluation unit and specially programmed telemetry software from MANNER
  • High accuracy and safety of the digital measurement data
  • High temperature resistance
  • Miniaturized and lightweight design
  • Extremely low assembly effort

Cold rolling industry (process control)

In the steel industry it’s “hot”. Not only in terms of temperature, but also in cold rolling mills the machines have to work hard.

The maintenance of machines is of great importance and an unforeseen breakdown of a machine has far-reaching consequences for the whole production. The keyword here is “predictive maintenance”. In this way, not only ” necessary ” maintenance can be predicted and the process can be shut down, but also the production quality of the machine can be monitored. This ensures protocol security, especially for international production lines.

The “retrofit” and thus the integration into the existing production process and production machines was important to the customer. The same applies to the maintenance-free measurement technology and the real-time acquisition of measurement data.


Extruders are widely used in the industrial production of plastics, food and cosmetics. In addition to single-screw extruders with a simple design, twin or multi-screw extruders require a complex gearbox to drive the counter-rotating or co-rotating extruder screws.

More and more sophisticated extruder shapes require gear technology that transfers the highest torques evenly to all screw shafts in the tightest of spaces. The actual torques at the screws and the exact distribution of these torques to the individual extruder shafts can be precisely determined with the aid of MANNER sensor telemetry.

You can finally answer critical questions regarding your extrusion operation, such as how:

  • What torques do the screws actually have to cope with?
  • Is the load distribution evenly distributed over all screw shafts?
  • Can the extruder control be better adapted to the occurring torques and forces?
  • How does the extruder and its individual screw shafts behave in different production conditions?

We apply your coupling sleeves to the drive shafts with the proven sensor telemetry for extruder shafts and the proven MANNER sensor technology records the real torques where they occur. These torques are transmitted without contact via an induction antenna to a corresponding evaluation unit, your computer or your control system. In addition, specially developed software records the measured values, for example for long-term monitoring.

E-Bike (Scar Motor Torque Measurement)

E-bikes have been part of road traffic for a few years now. Meanwhile, such an e-bike is no longer a rarity, but almost mass-produced. Nevertheless, the engine and the additional power brought in represent a risk in the sense of moments, if these should not be defined and controlled in doses.

For this reason, all e-bike manufacturers are obliged to monitor these torques more closely.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) causes problems in processes such as magnetostriction (magnetic process for torque measurement). Torque measurement using non-contact telemetry from MANNER was able to meet this challenge and fully satisfy the customer with the OEM product.

Screwdriving industry

The customer objective of this series solution for screwdriving robots in the automation line is to secure a defined torque. In addition, the system offers “predictive maintenance” as well as self-checks of the system. Ageing phenomena that lead to a deviating torque are thus eliminated.

The main challenges of this solution were the robustness of the system against shocks and vibrations, the parallel use of 16 spindles, for example, without mutual interference, and the development of a solution that permits various couplings (radial and axial).

The developed solution was realized in an installation space of 9mm in the spindle. There are several sizes and shapes which allow different couplings, screwdriver models and torques with the identical amplifier technology.

Also the integration into the customer acquisition and control system – in this case via a desired SPI interface – was realized.