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High-tech and Knowhow – combined in our products


MANNER stands for quality. High-tech and know-how are combined in our products. Our goal and that of our development engineers is to make the systems as intuitive as possible to operate. Nevertheless, sensor telemetry is a high technology and depending on the complexity of the system and the existing previous knowledge, training is advisable and also desired by the customer.

Our training staff are engineers, technicians and electronic technicians who have been able to gain several years of experience in MANNER telemetry systems and who have also been specially educated in the subject of training.

We offer tailor-made training courses or one of our 1-3 day training courses. The duration of the training depends on the desired depth of knowledge as well as the complexity of the system.

Furthermore, we offer permanent training in the following areas:

  • Piston telemetry
  • Motor telemetry
  • Amplifiers on Flexible Substrate
  • Strain gages
  • TelMA Torque

MANNER guarantees successful training and perfect knowledge transfer. With the training we want to enable you to use our systems with the greatest success. Last but not least, this is why we are always at your side with help and advice, even in the event of later questions.