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New generation – miniature sensor telemetry for test bench and validation applications on vehicles

MANNER Sensortelemetrie offers a comprehensive portfolio for test bench, validation and efficiency analysis tasks.

The further development of the MANNER measurement technology has resulted in the creation of a new miniature amplifier technology that enables dynamic component load / torque measurements with a bandwidth of up to 10 kHz in single and multi-channel miniature format.

The sensor signal amplifier cells can be interconnected to form multi-channel systems with almost any form factor. As usual, the new amplifier generation is available in flexible and fixed versions. This means that even complex data acquisition systems can be implemented in any given installation space.

In addition to the remote control function (Auto Zero; gain adjustment; memory and other online health functions), the flexible modular amplifier technology also offers the possibility to carry out zero and E-modulus compensations – in real time during the measurement. Thus the measurement accuracy can be increased considerably. Measurement errors due to material properties and environmental influences such as zero drift and temperature dependence of the E-modulus (approx. 2.5% /100°C) can thus be reduced to almost zero.

The rigid two-channel amplifier with strain gauge and temperature channel on board has miniaturized dimensions of 6 mm x 24.8 mm x 3.5 mm, allowing even the integration into compact designs without major modifications of the original part or imbalances.

Figure 1: Dimensions without auto alignment: 6 mm x 24.8 mm

Figure 2: Dimensions with auto alignment: 64 mm x 10 mm and Dimensions without auto alignment: 45.6 mm x 10 mm

The flexible version of the new miniature amplifier is available in two versions. For self application the amplifier can be used with an integrated auto-tuning module. This eliminates any manual effort for the rotor antenna adjustment and the application becomes a plug & play application. If the measuring body has a particularly small diameter or the space conditions do not permit this convenient function, the high-quality measuring amplifier is also available in the format 45.6 mm x 10 mm.

The new amplifier generation thus offers new integration and measurement possibilities for any automotive testing requirement.

Figure 3 and 4: Illustration of an electric motor application with 8 compensatable channels

Figure 5 and 6: Illustration of a pulley with speed measurement

Figure 7: Flexplate transducer with compensation for real driving