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Compact torque flange evaluation unit with 40 mm range and integrated torque, temperature and speed detection

For professional measuring more and more frequently plug & play systems are desired by practitioners which require little installation and adjustment effort to start the measuring operation.

However, features such as precise torque detection (accuracy class better than 0.05) with integrated temperature detection and, if necessary, compensation of the ambient temperature influence and speed detection are also required.

MANNER sensor telemetry now offers as standard for the torque sensor XTREMA, a compact evaluation unit with integrated pick-up.

In this compact version, the standard digital interfaces are available such as EtherCAT, CAN or Ethernet, but also the analogue outputs like frequency (Fout= 10 ± 5kHz) or voltage output Uout = 0 … ± 10V can be ordered. With this compact unit the usual interface unit in the control cabinet is substituted. This saves costs and electric wiring effort.

The system works completely maintenance-free. The operating temperatures of the new, compact evaluation unit are -10 ° C to 85 ° C in the standard version.

The total sensor signal transmission distance range for the torque and the speed detection is between 5 and 40 mm. A special feature is the horizontal offset possibility between measuring flange and antenna surface with a nominal distance of 20 mm.

Due to the new distance optimization of the Plug & Play system with a space up to 40 mm, the possibility of collisions between measuring flange and pick-up are omitted. This is particularly advantageous for field applications such as construction machinery and cardan shaft, applications with in shaft vibration or in inaccurate assembly. Even concentricity problems caused by bearing damage are unproblematic.

This saves installation time and high repair costs in the event of a collision.

The use of this compact evaluation unit can also be used at high nominal speeds (with standard flanges up to 24,000 rpm).

For cramped installation conditions (such as shaft protection), the Pick Up (50 x 35 x 20 mm) can – as usual – be placed over a cable.

The familiar digital 16-bit MANNER transmission protocol and the calibration shunt check during commissioning enable the high transmission quality to be checked after installation, thus ensuring measuring reliability during operation.

If desired, the additional compensations from the MANNER portfolio can also be integrated optionally. These options enable higher measurement accuracy under less than ideal environmental conditions and enable for example to compensate the modules of elasticity.

This option can be used, for example, to implement torque transducers that deliver constant readings over the entire ambient temperature range (-40 ° C to 160 ° C) with an accuracy of better than 0.05%.

As standard, this evaluation unit is available for the new XTREMA torque range – this includes the versions 100 Nm, 200 Nm; 500 Nm; 1 kNm; 2 kNm; 3 kNm; 5 kNm; 10 kNm with DIN flange pattern.

Of course, customized flanged can be supplied with this evaluation unit with the required adaptions.

The measuring proof of accuracy is provided by our new calibration center. Optionally, calibrations with your required ambient temperature can also be carried out here. Furthermore, we are at the moment undergoing the DAkkS certification process.