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Due to the increase in regulations for climate protection and the problem of diesel aggregates, the demand for more accurate and traceable calibrations of measuring sensors is becoming more and more frequent. This increased demand for calibration of measuring equipment affects all industries. In order to meet this demand in full, MANNER converted its calibration laboratory to a two-shift operation in the middle of this year. This also enables us to guarantee short throughput times.

To celebrate this milestone, we would like to offer you a one-time new customer discount of 30% on a DAkkS calibration at our premises.

From 10 N-m miniature transducers to 500 kN-m ship flanges, all customer requirements can be covered directly at the company headquarters. A crane track with a load capacity of up to 4 tonnes enables professional and efficient handling of large transducers (also customised versions).

MANNER currently offers calibrations at six calibration stands and in the following measuring ranges.

Take advantage of our service, because our list prices for DAkkS and factory calibrations also reflect our efficient working methods and the ever-advancing automation of our state-of-the-art DAkkS calibration laboratory.