DMS Simulator


Simulates sensors with strain gages and enables testing of input filters

– robust and compact housing
– cost-effective solution
– for functional testing of measuring chains
– Possibility of testing the filter of the measuring amplifier


The MANNER bridge simulator is a robust test device that was developed for functional testing of strain gauge measuring chains and measuring amplifiers. By using the simulator instead of a force or torque transducer in the measuring chain or by connecting it directly to the measuring device, various scenarios can be simulated.

The simulator reproduces a Wheatstone full measuring bridge with a resistance of 350 Ohm and a sensitivity of 1 mV/V. This allows the simulation of a deflection of -100%, 0% and +100% to test different operating conditions.

In addition, the device has an integrated BNC connector that allows signals to be fed in via a frequency generator. This enables testing of the measuring amplifier’s filters and checking the signal processing functions of the measuring device.