The new patented weldable and battery-free Plug & Play torque acquisition

OptiMA meets TelMA Torque – under this motto MANNER has merged two proven products of the company and thus offers a product that combines the reliable properties of strain gauge technology and extended near-field telemetry >25mm with a very easy application technique – microwelding.

This telemetry is predestined and already tested for robustness, especially in the field of large machines, agriculture and for drive shafts in trucks and construction machinery.

Torque measurement is and will remain one of the most important measurement parameters for recording loads, vibration damage, optimization of CO2 consumption and load monitoring. Especially for the measurement of load collectives the temperature at the respective measurement time is required.

For torque measurements, long-term measurement campaigns are often run, which is why measurement technology using a battery supply is disqualified.

In addition, especially axial movements on the shaft train (>10mm) have been a challenge for alternative inductive measurement technology in the past. In order not to damage the expensive measurement technology with such wave movements, a generous distance was necessary, which conventional sensor telemetry could not achieve.

A further challenge in the field of measurement technology for larger machines is the transport and application capability on site without the need for large transports.

For this challenge there is now a patented Plug & Play system – OptiMA meets TelMA Torque.

The application of the miniaturized telemetric sensor TelMA Torque Sensor with integrated temperature measurement is easy to realize. The micro-weldable torsion sensor in stamp format offers an application technology without the need for wiring or gluing. One sensor element as well as two sensor elements for automatic compensation of bending moments can be used. The torsion sensor technology is strain gauge based and accordingly reliable and proven.

The sensors work with a sampling rate of 2000 samples/second and a bandwidth of 0.5 kHz. This means that even dynamic torques can be recorded without any problems.

An attachable – in principle also reusable – rotor antenna completes the rotating side of the Plug & Play system. The signal transmission between the TelMA Torque Sensor and the rotor loop is contactless, so that no error-prone gluing or soldering and no cabling is necessary.

The final component of the system is the robust IP67 evaluation unit with integrated stator antenna. The OptiMA evaluation unit transmits energy and data inductively via an air gap of up to 25 mm between the rotating shaft and the supply unit. The system operates absolutely maintenance-free.

The system’s supply voltage of 9-30V also offers enormous flexibility in use, e.g. in vehicle operation. Besides the usual voltage output 0-10V a current output (4…20 mA) is also available. The system can be used immediately and, if necessary, can be configured (sensor name, sample rate, information storage, etc.) and calibrated (zero and gain settings) by the MANNER software “Telemetry Interface”.

The system is very easy to use and no previous electronic knowledge is required.

The TelMA sensor has to be welded on – in 2.5 minutes the application is ready to use!

Link to the application video on YouTube: