Strain Gauge Applications

The professional staff from MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH with their 20 years of experience are available to answer your queries on the application of strain gauges. Their breadth of experience guarantees the solution of even the most difficult of tasks. We are happy to bond your test specimens. We provide advice and support on the following tasks:


  • Precise determination of suitable measuring points
  • Careful selection of appropriate strain gauges
  • Precise bonding for torsion, bending, tractive force and pressure measurements
  • Bonding with full, half and quarter bridges
  • Precise multiple bonding to increase measuring accuracy
  • Temperature, bending, and centrifugal force compensation
  • In-house application of strain gauges (for test objects with a weight of up to one ton)
  • On-site application of strain gauges


Our strain gage specialist at work

strain gage application inside of a shaft

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