Radio Telemetry

Radio telemetry is the ideal complement to classical inductive sensor telemetry and is deployed when the measured data needs to be transmitted over larger distances, in the event of a difficult measuring set-up, or if only a short-term system installation is required.


MANNER radio telemetry is successfully employed in:


  • Shock absorber temperature measurement
  • Rotary furnace temperature measurement
  • Wheel radio transmitters (automobile applications)
  • Measuring shafts and measuring flanges in mobile operation
  • Further measuring applications which should/must operate without permanently installed transmission systems
  • Test stand monitoring



MANNER radio telemetry was designed for working in extremely difficult measuring environments (degree of protection IP 65). In addition ...

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With MANNER’s specially designed charger cap, accumulators in radio telemetry systems (e.g. in automobile wheel transmitters) can be quickly...

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MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH also supplies optional radio sensor telemetry systems with antenna diversity. With these systems transmission...

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radio sensor signal amplifier

radio wheel transmitter

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