Torque Measuring Flanges

Torque measuring flanges from MANNER can be employed for the measurement of both static and dynamic torques on rotating or stationary shafts and machine flanges. Using the torque and rotation speed parameters, the power flow along a shaft can be directly calculated. In the age of automation and the demand for ever better efficiency, these two parameters are becoming increasingly important.  


MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH has developed special compact torque flanges for the fulfilment of these tasks. All Manner torque measuring systems feature non-contact torque signal transmission according to the patented sensor telemetry procedure. They operate without the need for bearings and therefore can be mounted without the need for an additional bearing bracket or articulated shafts. This avoids costs and allows for extremely compact test stands.

Manner torque measuring flange with stator/rotor antenna and evaluation unit

MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH’s engineering team fashions custom made torque flanges with integrated rotation speed measurement according to specific customer needs.

Features and advantages:

  • Compact and short (45 mm at 1 kNm)
  • Highly precise torque signal on the basis of strain gauges
  • Without bearing (no friction)
  • Torque range of 5 Nm to 1 MNm
  • Non-contact transmission of measured values
  • High transverse and axial force resistance
  • High torsional strength (according to type, up to 40,000 rpm)
  • Maintenance-free via inductive energy and data coupling
  • High interference resistance, EMC tested according to DIN
  • Simple handling and mounting with minimal space requirements
  • Remotely conditionable measuring amplifier in flange
  • Re-calibration without mechanical intervention
  • Network compatible (CAN, Ethernet)

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