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MxMA modular multi-channel amplifier concept

For simpler test applications in the rotating area, a modular, flexible small measuring system with many measuring channels is often required. The individual modules must be small and allow a rotor electronics design that can be flexibly adapted to the available installation space by module layout. From a measurement technology point of view, it should also be possible to meet the wish to mount the sensor signal amplifiers close to the sensor in order to avoid interference. The module connections themselves should be digital, so that no interferences occur with flexible arrangement.

In addition to the modularity and small dimensions of the individual modules, a flexible sensor application is often desired.

The user-friendliness and connectivity of different sensor types are of crucial importance.

In practice, thermocouples, PT100 sensors or the typical torque acquisition using strain gauges are required for these measuring tasks.

MANNER has developed a modular measuring amplifier system for these standard applications, which are also used by measuring technicians for different measuring tasks.

MxMA – The solution

The modular sensor telemetry system consists of 4-channel slave modules and a master module.

They can be flexibly interconnected and controlled via the master module. A total of up to 64 channels can be realized with this system. The master module contains 4 measuring channels as well as the power supply and the transmitter. This makes the cabling technology simple and practically eliminates application errors. Complicated cabling is a horror for the measurement engineer. The modules are extremely compact.

4-Channel Master

4-Channel Slave

A measuring amplifier for all cases

Depending on the wiring, which can be varied by the measurement engineer, all three sensor types mentioned above ( isolated thermocouples, PT100 and strain gauge) can be connected.

The strain gauge bridge resistance can range from 120 Ohm, 350 Ohm to 1000 Ohm. The number of connected modules can be selected by the user. Thus, the system offers a completely flexible range of application.

A signal bandwidth of 1 KHz with a resolution of 16 bits is available as standard. Optionally, up to 10 kHz are possible.

Due to the digitalization in the sensor signal amplifier and the robust inductive transmission method, faulty measured values are eliminated by the transmission technology. The transmission technology can be inductive or wireless with battery supply.

The measuring range can be finely configured from 0.02 mV/V to 20 mV/V using the optional remote interface. Typical functions such as Auto-Zero as well as Health Checks, e.g. for power supply checks, are thus available. When using strain gauge bridges, the integrated shunt CAL function can be configured. After a calibration and test procedure, the integrity and thus the reliability of the strain gauge bridge can be checked by software.

The signals on the connecting lines between the modules are digital and thus resistant to interference. The arrangement factor remains completely flexible.

MANNER offers the MxMA series with connectors or solder pins. The pre-assembled cables are included in the package. The same applies to the prisms and the clamping ring for mounting the amplifiers on the shaft!

The following dimensions are available as standard for each module:

ModuleDimensions SlaveDimensions Master
4-Channel measuring amplifier47 x 56 x 1047 x 56 x 14
8-Channel measuring amplifier47 x 56 x 1747 x 56 x 20
12-Channel measuring amplifier47 x 56 x 2647 x 56 x 29
16-Channel measuring amplifier47 x 56 x 3247 x 56 x 36

Optionally we offer our customers measuring amplifiers with protection class IP67 (waterproof).

MANNER offers the MxMA series with connectors or solder pins. The pre-assembled cables are included in the package. Also the prisms and the clamping ring for mounting the amplifiers on the shaft!