OptiMA Sensortelemetry Kit

The new OptiMA Telemetry product with outstanding transmission distance of 50 mm and extreme simplicity is now also available as an IP 67 version. It is characteristic that, despite the high transmission distance an absolutely reliable signal transmission is given - without batteries. Another special feature is that despite the high electromagnetic interference no signal drop outs take place. Due to the proven inductive transmission technology, there are no interference problems with radio frequencies. In fact, one can speak of an extremely robust system.

OptiMA Telemetry allows test engineers without extensive know-how in sensor telemetry technology to precisely capture measurement signals on rotating shafts, and to do so without much preparation or training. The integrated automatic turning circuit for optimal data and energy transmission between rotor and statur unit makes this possible.

Even though the feed is inductive, the transmission distance between shaft and stator is 50 mm. The great tolerance window (0 to 50 mm radial, +/-20 mm axial) makes installation simple and foolproof. Even large shaft movements or lack of precision during assembly will not affect the transmission quality.


MANNER OptiMA Sensor Telemetry kit


The system is remarkably compact. The necessary components include a stator pick-up unit (OptiMA) with built-in electronics, a rotor measuring amplifier, and an antenna loop for the energetic coupling of the components.

The rotor measuring amplifier stands out for its especially robust design despite its miniature size.

Highly compatible - The measuring transducer - whether a strain gauge bridge, PT100, or thermocouple element - is simply wired up to the measuring amplifier.

The system works without batteries and is absolutely maintenance-free. There are no cumbersome, heavy batteries to be replaced. This makes the rotor structure extremely light-weight.

The included rotor antenna kit only needs to be wrapped around the shafts and only adds a 2-mm layer. The rotor measuring amplifier and the rotor induction loop need to be affixed to the shaft using glass fibre tape.
The inexpensive rotor antenna kits are sold by the metre and can be re-ordered at short notice.


MANNER OptiMA Sensor Telemetry kit with IP 67

The measuring amplifier and the OptiMA Telemetry stator pick-up unit can be used on multiple devices under test without expensive or time-consuming efforts.
The digital transmission technology guarantees reliable and fault-free transmission results.
The configuration of the measuring amplifiers (auto-zero, defining measuring range) is performed remotely using the laptop computer. The included configuration software uses the shaft parameters (material, geometry) to calculate the configuration details for the rotor measuring amplifier and programs the rotor measuring amplifier.

The measuring signals can be picked up using analog technology or via the USB interface. The optionally available data acquisition software can be used to turn the system into a low-cost data acquisition system.

In addition to the compact rotor measuring amplifier, there is also a Flex type that is literally wrapped around the shaft and adds even less layer thickness.

This system is the perfect tool for troubleshooting, load spectrum detection, research activities, and monitoring in:

  • Wind energy systems
  • Propeller shafts in ships
  • Drive shafts in steel mills
  • Test stands
  • Mechanical engineering theses/papers
  • Turbo machine shaft trains

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