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The core competences of MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH are custom made and application-specific measuring solutions as well as serial applications for rotating and moving parts, especially designed to meet the highest requirements in respect of process engineering and measurement data quality. Our patented sensor telemetry process guarantees a reliable transmission of precise measurement data via non-contact induction and radio technology, even under the most difficult environmental conditions. A stator antenna collects the measurement data without any physical contact. Consequently, unbiased measuring results can be guaranteed. In the opposite direction, the measuring electronics on the moving component are supplied with energy via inductive coupling.


Our competence is based on over 25 years experience in the development and production of sensor telemetry measuring systems. Innovative new developments, continual improvements and constant adjustment to the markets growing technological demands characterise the products and applications from MANNER. As a result, solutions to problems from a wide range of industry branches at the highest technical level can be developed and realised with the greatest success. Our aspiration to be the industrys innovation leader is expressed in MANNERs high development ratio. Customer use and the maximum precision remain our highest goals, whereby quality and reliability are at the forefront.


As your competent partner, we understand our role as more than just supplying our products. We also advise on defining tasks, develop solutions, install and assist during commissioning, as well as guaranteeing professional after sales support.

High-precision torque measurements

To provide high-precision, simple torque measurements on the test stand, Manner has developed the Xtrema Torque sensor.


Test stand operation for the testing of combustion engines and hybrid and electric motors requires high-precision measuring equipment. Friction power measurements in particular place very high demands on the measuring equipment. In order to meet these demands, the transducer has a standard accuracy class of 0.05. Particular emphasis has been placed on the robustness of the measuring equipment.


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Torque measurement technology for e-mobility test benches

For the development of e-mobility new test bed concepts are necessary, because the speeds of the e-motors, in contrast to the internal combustion engines are significantly higher. MANNER offers special torque transducer designs for these applications.


The goal of developments in the field of e-mobility is to significantly reduce the weight of the engines while maintaining the same performance through the higher speeds. This can be saved both in terms of space and in terms of costs. Even today, the required engine speeds for e-mobility of up to 22,000 rpm are significantly higher than those of internal combustion engines and thus at about the same racing level as in Formula One.
There is even more savings potential due to a further increase in these already very high speeds. First concepts for speeds of 35000 rpm have already been developed.


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Girl Power in the Master's Program at Tuttlingen Campus

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MANNER is a member of the "Förderverein" (friends' association)


The HFU campus Tuttlingen imparts knowledge together with the industry. MANNER is also a member of the "Förderverein", which supports the Tuttlingen university campus. The member companies are actively involved in teaching in the bachelor's and master's programs. The exchange between students and business is already generated while the study. MANNER and Sonja Jenisch both now benefit from the university concept.