Wind Power Plant Applications

Worldwide, increasing numbers of wind power plants are transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy and feeding it into the electricity network. In order for the kinetic energy of wind currents to be efficiently converted into the desired electrical energy, a sophisticated system composed of rotor blades, generator, gears, rotor blade controller, control concept and braking system is required.


Whether it be for low speeds and high torques at the rotor, or high speeds and low torques at the generator, Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH designs the optimal application for all measuring tasks on the basis of its non-contact sensor telemetry. Our complete portfolio of applications provides optimised solutions for the following measurements:



      • Torque, rotation speed and power of the gear, rotor and generator shafts
      • Bending and torsional moment of the rotor blades
      • Vibration analysis of the rotor blades
      • Pressure and tractive force loads on individual drive train components
      • Temperature monitoring of heat-sensitive components



            Your custom made measuring system from Manner features the advantages of our sensor telemetry measuring concept. Our applications reliably transmit precise measured data using non-contact technology to the corresponding evaluation unit. Integrate the space saving, low maintenance and easily mounted applications from Manner and profit from the know-how of our experts for measurements on wind power plants.


            Optimise their performance in respect of efficiency, lifetime, weight, size, noise emissions, vibration behaviour, maintenance requirements and costs. Contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a proposal outlining a solution tailored to your needs.


            torque measurement at wind power station (1)

            torque measurement at wind power station (2)

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