Applications for Racing

With its speed and sophisticated technology, motor racing is a source of fascination for many people. Engineers search for solutions which enable one to drive as far and as quick as possible on little fuel. The longer a race lasts, then the more decisive is the efficiency of the engine.


Whether for motor sport in general or the flagship Formula 1, Manner Sensortelemetrie develops and produces appropriate measuring systems based on its sensor telemetry technology. The main application fields are torque, force, temperature, rotation speed as well as power and vibration measurements on components of the drive trains, the motor and gearbox, as well as the clutch and other test objects.


With extreme immunity against data transmission interference, speed resistances up to 25.000 rpm and acceleration resistances of up to 120.000g can be provided. Consequently, the real-time capture of highly precise dynamic measurement data from racing motors under operating conditions is one of Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH’s specialities.

Racing sensor telemetry

input shaft with corresponding stator antenna

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