Turbine Applications

Aircraft gas turbine engines in a diverse range of construction types form an aeroplanes main drive and fulfil a wide range of functions. With a variety of construction types, they require suitable measuring technology in order to do justice to the central significance of the turbine components.


The efficiency of the individual drive components play an essential role when it comes to increasing transport capacity while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.


In this connection, Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH provides a wide range of different measuring applications for aircraft gas turbines:



  • Vibration analysis of the turbine blades (up to 96 channels simultaneously)
  • Temperature measurement of turbine blades and bearings (up to 400 channels simultaneously)
  • Torques and forces at the turbine shaft
  • Radial and axial signal tapping

aircraft turbine telemetry (1)
aircraft turbine telemetry (2)

Turbinen Telemetry

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