Tail Rotor Applications

The tail rotor serves to compensate for the torque generated by the main rotor. Furthermore, the tail rotor serves to steer the helicopter in the so called yaw axis, also known as the vertical or normal axis.


Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH develops measuring applications for open and enclosed tail rotors. Customers worldwide trust in our competence in this specialist field. On the basis of our non-contact sensor telemetry, essential information on dynamic torques, pressure and tractive forces, revolution speeds and temperatures etc. can be obtained. Our systems are designed for both rotor test stand applications, and for withstanding the harshest environmental conditions during tough flight operations.


Manner sensor telemetry for tail rotors has been employed to obtain precise data for the following measuring tasks:


  • Rotor shaft torque
  • Rotor blade vibrations
  • Bearing temperatures
  • etc.

10-channel sensor telemetry (rotatable relative to each other) with internal inductive coupling for tail rotor torque measurement

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