Main Rotor Applications

The rotation of a two or three bladed main rotor supplies a helicopters lift, forward propulsion and steering. It is generally driven by a motive power unit (motor) via reduction gearing.


The rotors must withstand dynamic forces which are continuously changing in strength and direction of attack. In order to successfully measure the continually changing stresses and strains, rotor telemetry technology from Manner is employed worldwide. Of decisive importance in this context is our sensor telemetrys resistance to temperature, climate conditions, air pollution and other expected environmental influences. The electronics of the multi-channel telemetry system for the main rotor are miniaturised and can therefore be installed in the rotor head or rotor shaft while occupying very little space.


Up to now, our rotor measurement systems have been successfully employed to obtain the following measurements:


  • Dynamic bending moment at the main rotor shaft
  • Distension of the rotor blades
  • Vibration of the rotor blades
  • Vectorial torque during load change (e.g. helicopter transport and rescue missions on mountain sides)
  • Measurements on rotor test stands

test stand application for the main rotor

telemetry for 32-channel transmission (main rotor)

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