Landing Flap Drive Applications

High flight speeds and low landing speeds demand highly effective landing flaps. These require enormous actuating forces. The landing flaps as secondary flight controllers are driven either electromechanically, hydraulically, hydromechanically, pneumatically or manually.


The high torque transmission from the drive motors to the actuators counteracts the forces which act on the landing flaps. This enables the flaps to be positioned in a predefined angle relative to the wing.


Manner Sensortelemetrie GmbH cooperates worldwide with customers from the aeronautical industry in order to obtain precise measurements of drive torque under variable actuator axial forces. The measured data obtained using sensor telemetry helps our partners in conducting further calculations and adjustments in respect of power loss, degrees of efficiency, functional reliability, lifetime, stability and temperature effects etc. The simple to install applications are produced on request for either test or flight operation. The requisite airworthiness qualification for flight operation is also carried out by Manner.

indukcive coupling for the sensor telemetry measurement at landing flaps

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